Workshop Types

DANCEPL3Y School Programs offer a variety of types of workshops for schools to select from to get their students ACTIVE with DANCE!

During DANCEPL3Y curriculum-based school workshops, students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 can claim their Bubble of Awesome as they learn simple moves from a mix of dance styles (Hip Hop, Bollywood, Urban/Street, Jazz, African) and get interACTIVE with their peers through a play-based learning experience!

DANCEPL3Y school workshops have received international accolades for their positive impact on school climate, mental health and self-esteem as students learn and live the 3 Rules of PL3Y: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself.

Our workshops:

  • Exceed Daily Physical Activity requirements
  • Engage ALL learners to get active and participate
  • Develop Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Support the various domains of Physical Literacy (physical, cognitive, social)
  • Allow teachers to assess Phys Ed and Dance learning outcomes
  • Foster positivity and playfulness in learners



Activation Workshops (1-3 Sessions per class)
**MOST POPULAR** These one-session workshops are designed to ignite your students’ love for movement and music. Forget 5-6-7-8 or complex dance moves, these classes are designed for students to experience success and feel motivated to stay active with their classmates.  Discover a mix of dance styles from around the world (Hip Hop, Bollywood, Tango, Latin, Funk, Top 40) and spark imaginations as students move to their favourite chart-topping songs to develop physical literacy and fundamental movement skills. Watch confidence soar as each student claims their “Bubble of Awesome” and follow the 3 Rules of PLAY: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself!

DANCEPL3Y Residencies (4-5 Sessions per class)
Let us teach your dance unit! DANCEPL3Y Residencies follow the Teaching Dance for Understanding model that allows students to be engaged and active learners as they explore a variety of dance styles. They’ll discover the Elements of Dance, create their own dance moves and work together to prepare a dance performance that shows their understanding of curriculum expectations. All DANCEPL3Y Residencies include lesson plans for teachers, a lunch-time workshop, Dances for DPA Videos, assessment rubrics and 4-5 days of high-energy dance lessons taught by Certified Instructors.

Enhanced DANCEPL3Y Residencies (4-5 Sessions per class)
**BEST PRACTICE** This program is designed to engage educators in the DANCEPL3Y Residency program, as well as provide additional activity ideas for cross-curricular learning.  You’ll receive pre-program lesson plans, program support videos, on-site mentorship of dance lessons, classroom extensions and cross-curricular lesson plans. You’ll have the tools and confidence to help students continue to discover the various dimension of dance and active living, beyond the 5-day Residency!

For School Teachers
Lunch Hour Workshop for School Teachers
A 30-minute lunch hour workshop for teachers to learn simple Dances for DPA. Includes DPA videos and coaching notes for teachers to get their classrooms active with dance!

For your School Community
Family and Community Event
Book an evening event taught by the DANCEPL3Y Instructor, designed to get families and students active together and/or to showcase of dances learned during the residency program.