Song: GOOD TO BE ALIVE (HALLELUAH) by Andy Grammar
Fundamental Movement Skill: Shuffling. Jump and Twist

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This song is part of a challenge by Kamloops School District 73 to all schools across Canada! Be part of a month-long ‘Movement Challenge’ and get your school community active in honour of Canada’s 150th! Click here to download the Movement Challenge Calendar 2017


DANCEPL3Y School Programs are based on Teaching Dance for Understanding, a new method of teaching dance using a more engaging and interACTIVE approach. The pedagogical approach mirrors Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU), developed by Bunker and Thorpe (1982), which revolutionized Physical Education by moving away from sport-specific units and towards “teaching games by playing games” to tap into children’s inherent desire to play. Teaching Dance for Understanding is a learner-centered approach that helps educators draw from students’ knowledge, creativity and personal interests, while delivering a purposeful curriculum that develops physical literacy and fundamental movement skills.

By using the TDfU framework, teachers can inspire their students to discover the Elements of Dance, explore various dance genres from around the world, apply critical and creative thinking skills and develop interpersonal living skills as they co-create dance performances that communicate facts, feelings, skills and stories. 

 Teachers can learn an inquiry-based model that brings DANCE to LIFE through the 6 KEY PHASES of TDfU.

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