Melanie Levenberg
Vancouver, Canada
Physical Literacy and Education Consultant, M.Ed (Curriculum Teaching and Learning), B.Ed, B.Kin, CanFitPro FIS, Trainer of Fitness Leaders
First and foremost my choreography is designed for everyday people to experience success with dance, while developing Fundamental Movement Skills. I use simple rhythms and combos that connect to the music, so that it MOVES them. I love high-energy music and a variety of music styles that inspire different characters and playful story lines.
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Nathan Short
Sydney, Australia
B. Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science), Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Cert III in Fitness, 10 years dance experience
I love the stories that music can tell, so a lot of my choreography is story driven. I also love working with contrasting movements, so you’ll often find me on the floor in the verse and then flying through the air in the chorus
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Brock Farkas
Brock Farkas
Calgary, AB
I’ve always been an athlete, playing different sports (football, basketball, hockey, rugby, volleyball) from the age of 4 through to university. Being exposed to such a wide range of physical activities allowed me to gain a very strong understand of my own physical literacy, so when I dance I often pull moves from my past experiences. My dancing background is not as extensive, as in I have no professional training, unless you count the bathroom mirror or in the car. My style of dance focuses on high energy songs, theatrical characters, and creating FUN moments from the biggest cardio moves to the smallest, sassiest step. 
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Simrin Hundal
Coquitlam, BC

Simrin is currently completing her Bachelor’s in Physical Education and Coaching, to pursue a career in the Education field. She has been a dancer for 6 years, and although she started dancing as a hobby, it very quickly turned into a passion.
As a choreographer I’m very inspired by my culture and background. I love creating moves and combos for Bollywood music, but I also enjoy incorporating hip-hop and jazz into my routines.
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