Community Event: an evening or daytime event taught by your Certified DANCEPL3Y School Program Instructor, designed to get families and students active together and/or to showcase the dances created during the Residency program.

Activation Workshops: DANCEPL3Y School workshops designed to provide a high-energy dance experience to students K – Grade 12, or launch a dance unit.

Residency: DANCEPL3Y School workshops that are four- or five-sessions in length, designed to deliver an integrated Physical Education and Dance curriculum unit where students get active and learn how to create their own dances.

Enhanced Residency: An enhancement of the Residency above, schools are provided with extension activities, lesson plans, and videos to continue the learning. Certified DANCEPL3Y Instructor actively works with classroom teachers to mentor and role model the Teaching Dance for Understanding approach.

Package Includes Community
Activation Workshops (1-Day) School Residency Enhanced School Residency
Showcases Variety of Dance Styles
Meets DPA Requirements
Fundamental Movement Skills and Physical Literacy
Promotes Positive Mental Health
Curriculum-Based Learning X
Basic Assessment Tools X
Lunch Hour DPA Workshop X X*
Dances for DPA Choreography Notes X X*
Dances for DPA Videos X X*
Teaching Dance for Understanding X X
Students Create Dances X X
Assessment Tools, Exit Cards and Rubrics X X
Teacher Mentorship X X X
Pre-Program Lessons + Videos X X X
Classroom Extension Lesson Plans X X X 16 Worksheets
Cross-Curicular Lesson Plans X X X 10 Lesson Plans
*Lunch Hour Workshop, Dances for DPA Videos and Notes may be included for early bird bookings in your region.

**Residency programs are delivered in a total of 5 sessions. For most schools, this means that the residency program will be 5 days in length.

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